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On ProjectHR's inaugural episode, we explore the role of people analytics with Dr. Fiona Jamison, CEO of Spring International. Discover what HR analytics is, how to collect proper data, and how the use of analytics can help HR better connect with employees and achieve engagement goals!  What We Learn About People Analytics:

  • The benefits of analytics and its impact on HR.  
  • The process of people analytics, including online surveys, employee interviews, and focus groups (both in-person and online).
  • The proper use of employee engagement surveys.

After listening to this episode, you will have a better understanding of how analytics provides powerful insight to an organization as well as recommendations for how to improve. The main goal of people analytics is to provide company leadership with "a-ha" moments, directing them toward a better company as a whole.

Dr. Fiona Jamison

HR Analytics

"There's no such thing as 'survey fatigue' - there's 'lack of action fatigue'."

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The Benefits of Analytics

  • Analytics bring focus to HR, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on the employee groups that are most in need of your energy and attention.
  • Analytics also help you determine the right solutions for your work groups. Different work groups may be disengaged for different reasons -- data information and insights allows you to target support and solutions in just the way that will resolve the engagement issues for each group.
  • “(Your employees) are going to know your organization better than anyone else, they’re your most valuable asset, they’re typically your biggest cost, you know, so why aren’t we spending time listening to what they have to say?” 


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The Process of People Analytics

  • Begin by determining what to measure – choose the kinds of information that could help you make more informed strategic HR decisions (some examples: engagement, cultural alignment, leadership development, change readiness, etc.). These choices should be based on conversations with company executives about the business decisions they’ll make in the next few years, who they’re looking to hire, who might they might be losing through retirement.      
  • Process employs online surveys, employee interviews, and focus groups, both in-person and online.
  • Length of time between surveys depends on average response time for company. Data and analysis must be responded to by management prior to employing a new survey, in order to prevent employee frustration. 
  • “There’s no such thing as ‘survey fatigue’, there’s ‘lack of action fatigue’.”
  • That said, employee “pulse” should be taken no less than once a year, and ideally every six months.

Third Party Versus In-House

  • Using a third party for data collection and analysis increases response rate, gives employees a sense of privacy, confidentiality and anonymity.   
  • A third party also provides an unbiased view of the results.
  • A third party can also compare your results to other similar organizations.

The Spring International Difference

  • Work like a research department, working side-by-side with the organization.
  • Partner with HR, Communications and executives to ensure high quality data is collected and to perform advanced analytics and to provide insights to the organization.
  • Provide data insights, but also recommendations of things the organization might consider doing to address these insights.
  • The goal is to provide “aha!” moments for leadership.

Dr. Fiona Jamison: Backstory

  • Began career as a Business Apprentice in the UK.
  • Degree in Business and Finance from University of Buckingham, Ph.D. in Business/Human Resources from University of Bristol.
  • Worked at Management Resource Center, and that’s where she discovered her love of analytics, and began to understand the connection between employee engagement and business performance.

  • Currently serves at the CEO of Spring International, a custom research and people analytics firm.


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