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Business Innovation

This episode of ProjectHR seeks to inspire business innovation via our fun-filled discussion with the founder and Chief Learning Officer of Boing Dynamics, Doug Buce. Find out why innovation is such a critical element of business, and how to encourage it within your workforce and within yourself! We Discuss the Following Business Innovation Topics:

  • Can anyone be innovative? (Hint: yes!) 
  • How innovation and disruption work hand-in-hand.
  • How to spark innovation.
  • Learn what is innovation in a company setting. 
  • Potential roadblocks for innovation.
  • How to tap into your innovation potential.

After listening to this episode, you will have a better understanding of what business innovation is, how to spark innovation, and how to tap into your employees innovative potential. 

Doug Buce

Business Innovation

"Will there be conflict in that process? Absolutely, wonderfully, yes -- but the ideological conflict, that debate, is needed for innovation to actually happen." 

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Can Anyone Be Innovative?

  • Every person listening to this podcast has a value set or perspective that’s needed for innovation to occur (this is what we’re born with).  
  • Competing values create innovation: Artists, Engineers, Athletes & Sages (as developed by Dr. Jeff DeGraff)
  • People often have characteristics of all four, but there’s usually a primary that drives us.
  • “Will there be conflict in that process? Absolutely, wonderfully yes – but that ideological conflict, that debate, is needed for innovation to actually happen.”


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Innovation or Disruption?

  • Disruption is a subset of innovation.
  • Innovation: (per Marshall McCluhan): something that 1) enhances something, 2) eliminates or destroys something, 3) makes something similar, and finally, 4) over time, it reverses into its opposite (becomes something to be replaced).
  • Disruptive Innovation: Usually a much more simple, low-grade solution for something that’s more affordable and accessible to a larger population, opening it up to an entirely new market. They typically take hold at the bottom of a market, meeting the same needs as high market solutions, but just in a simpler, cheaper way. They’re usually underrated at first, and often dismissed – but due to their low-cost advantages, they usually move quickly up the market and eventually become the appealing thing that topples the largest competitors, disrupting the industry and traumatizing the established industry leaders. 
  • Examples: Disruptive Innovation: Netflix & video streaming. NOT Disruptive: Tesla & the electric car.


Innovation: Aha! Moments, or Hard Work?

  • Hard Work – even accidents start with hard work (usually on another initiative). Example: Percy Spencer & the microwave oven
  • Innovation requires hard work. It takes:
  • intentionality of focus and thought;
  • Getting the right players into the process;
  • A lot of effort over a short period of time (actually accelerating the failure rate to find The Next Big Thing);
  • It can be expensive; 
  • It requires the energy & resolve to battle the status quo

How Innovation Is Driven Within A Company

  • Customer Driven
  • Finance Driven
  • Resources Driven
  • Values Driven

What Can Get In The Way of Innovation

  • On an individual level, it’s self-doubt, concerns that you don’t have anything to contribute (which, as we learned, is not true).
  • On a corporate level, it’s not making innovation part of your culture.

How To Tap Into Your Innovation Potential

  • Be intentional: spend time to think and brainstorm, make it part of your personal strategic initiative;
  • Read! There are so many wonderful, inspiring books out there;
  • It’s never too early to learn about innovation!


Doug Buce: Backstory

  • Degree in Mass Communications & PR from Harding University
  • Began career as the Director of PR & Promotions at Argus Publishers
  • Served at Chief Learning Officer for Wells Real Estate Funds and President of Wells University

  • Currently serves at the founder and Chief Learning Officer of Boing Dynamic, Inc.


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