Digital Workforce Transformation

Digital Workplace Transformation

Digital transformation (DX) is a strategy of enabling business innovation. In HR, DX focuses on the building of a digital ecosystem where there’s a coherent and seamless integration between employees and all stakeholders, providing greater overall value - but the Digital Workforce Experience is about more than just technology. Today we are joined by Jason Averbook, the CEO & Co-Founder of Leapgen, ”a digital transformation company shaping the NOW of work”. Here, he explains:

  • Why it's important for digital experiences within a workplace to remain as fresh as they are outside of the workplace;
  • How technology fuels the achievement of goals;
  • How to create your digital vision; and
  • How to create your digital strategy!

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Digital Transformation

  • When defining digital, we divide it up into four segments:
    • Mindset & Vision
    • People & Audience
    • Journey & Process
    • Technology


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Maintaining Positive Digital Experiences Within the Workplace

  • If digital experiences outside of the workplace feel fresh, innovative, and new while digital experiences inside the workplace feel years behind, that will become a problem for employers:
    • Technologies that are purchased but never used are an unnecessary expense; 
    • Outdated digital experiences within the workplace can cause frustration for employees.
  • It is imperative that employers pay attention to what digital experiences feel like outside of work and how those experiences can be matched in the workplace so that workflows do not become outdated.

Technology Is The Fuel, Not The Vehicle

  • Digital strategy is not just about technology, technology is simply what fuels digital strategy.
  • When undergoing a digital workplace transformation, if technology is your fuel, your vehicle should be the end goal.
    • What are you trying to accomplish?
      • Generate more revenue?
      • Hire faster?
      • Promote culture and values?
  • Different goals may require different outlooks and strategies, but at the end of the day, they all need technology in order to be achieved.

What Has Changed In HR Technology?

  • Technological trends outside of the workplace can often motivate digital workplace transformations.
  • We are the most technologically advanced that we have ever been in society, yet organizations can become stuck in the past by thinking HR technology is technology made only for HR Professionals.
  • The best HR Professionals design their organizational digital experience around up to date and innovative technology solutions.
    • Infusing empathy into the digital workplace transformation will also help HR generate better data and create a better workplace.

Technology Impacts The Entire Organization

  • While many organizations frequently go through a technology transition, they do not go through a digital workplace transformation.
    • When implementing new technology, systems may change, but the results will not.
    • When the implementation of new technology is paired with a new philosophy on achieving goals, a complete transformation can occur, which will change results for the better.

Creating A Digital “High-Touch” Environment

  • HR Professionals like to be “high-touch,” but there are multiple ways to be high touch.
  • Part of a digital workplace transformation is turning “high-touch” human interactions into “high-touch” digital interactions that allow employees, managers, and leaders to have direct access to the information needed where they can complete tasks without having to consult HR directly.

Your Digital Workplace Transformation Strategy

  • Creating a digital strategy requires creating an overall digital vision.
  • How do you want to deliver capabilities as an organization? What are the guiding principles? How will success be measured?
  • Implementing a digital workplace transformation requires the understanding of how the organization is pushed forward via three different sectors: HR, IT, and the business as a whole.
    • HR is involved in creating the vision and understanding how everyone aligns
    • IT needs to be involved so to truly understand the vision HR has created and deliver technological solutions that fuel the vision.
    • The whole of the business is also involved because employees and managers are focused on business goals as opposed to HR or IT goals - these will be the people driving what needs to be accomplished.
  • All three of these areas should be working together in order to deliver true transformative results.

Creating Your Digital Vision

  • At heart, a digital vision is simply “how do you want people to see what you're doing?”
  • A digital vision is your story.
    • It should be simple, easy, flexible, and frictionless. 


  • Leapgen helps organizations to understand how digital workplace transformations work and how they can implement one themselves.
  • Aligning transformations to organizational goals, visions, and philosophies is incredibly important and Leapgen helps organizations to connect the dots between those factors.

The NOW Of Work Community

  • The future of work is no longer the future of work, it is the now of work.
  • The NOW of Work community started as a way to get people together in the HR community as they were struggling to manage COVID-19 and address social justice issues at the start of the pandemic.This community collaborates on how we can improve our workplaces now as opposed to planning for the future. 
  • Listen to the Now of Work Podcast here

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