HR in 2020

Andrea Hoffer

2020 is off and running - what new HR trends can we expect?  In this episode, we're covering the latest in artificial intelligence, and addressing skillgaps and remote work. Wellness programs and gamification are also high on everyone's list, and compliance is always top-of-mind! This week on ProjectHR, Andrea Hoffer, CEO and Founder of AHA! Business Consulting, talks 2020 takes on the following HR trends:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Skillgaps
  • Remote Work
  • Employee Wellness Programs, and more!

Andrea Hoffer


“The most important part is making sure everybody at the company knows they're needed, knows how they're needed, and is given the tools to be successful.”

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A look back: HR in 2019

  • Technology keeps growing - assists with compliance, recruiting, onboarding, accountability
  • Millennials in the workplace, the rise of Gen Z and the over-50 workforce
  • The gig economy - independent contractors and remote workers


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Artificial Intelligence

  • Will continue to be a big part of HR, will continue to be controversial
  • By automating leader tasks, it allows for leadership to be more present with employees
  • The goal is for AI to assist with the people-to-people aspect (rather than replace it).
  • Concerns that AI eliminates jobs -- but in Ms. Hoffer’s opinion, while it eliminates some jobs, it always creates others, because the technology always needs a human aspect to drive it.
  • Chatbots are definitely on the rise for 2020, particularly with onboarding, helping walk new hires through paperwork, teach them about the organization, etc.. They’re also great for training and pop-up quizzes.
  • Human beings should always be on the other side of “check-in” type communications.


  • Skillgaps are an ongoing concern.
  • Many companies are focusing on training within their organizations, partnering with local educational institutions to try and fill in the gaps, as well as focusing on recruitment to try and fill the gaps.
  • Many employers are beginning to ask -- do they HAVE to have these skills when they walk through the door? Maybe attitude, culture fit, and the aptitude to LEARN the skills are enough? This opens up so many more candidate pools!

Remote Work

  • This will continue because people now demand flexibility & work/life balance.
  • Offering remote work options opens up candidate pools dramatically -- and not just because it opens up geographically. More people are interested in working remotely, and see those opportunities as valuable!

Employee Wellness Programs

  • There is still a place for them, but they just look different.
  • Rather than a formal program, companies may find other ways to integrate wellness into their organizations, such as offering to pay for gym memberships, or offering a menu of wellness opportunities that allow employees to individualize their health efforts.


  • Gamification will continue because friendly competition is an incredible motivator.
  • Reminder that technology isn’t needed for gamification to take place.
  • If technology is used, make sure to engage with employees about the game IRL as well as online!


  • There is so much going on, particularly on the state level, affecting companies in those states, and companies who expand over multiple state.
  • Always recommend to have a resource or member of your team who is focused on compliance. 
  • Expect to see more on pay equity.
  • Expect to see more on independent contractors (new law in California in 2019).

The Employee Experience

  • Human relationships are key in the workplace!
  • Communication is a big part of building those relationships - do employees know the expectations of them?
  • It’s not about ping-pong tables and fancy break rooms -- it’s about knowing that they can be successful. They want to be appreciated, they want to know that there’s room to grow, that they’ll be respected as people, and that their employees understand they have a life outside of work. 
  • “The most important part is making sure everybody at the company knows they’re needed, knows how they’re needed and is given the tools to be successful.”

Andrea Hoffer: Backstory

  • BA/MS in Political Science & Higher Ed Admin from University at Albany, SUNY
  • MBA in Business from Georgia State University
  • Former Owner/Franchisee for Lake Worth, FL Massage Envy
  • Ms. Hoffer’s current role is as the CEO and Founder of AHA! Business Consulting


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