The Very Best Of ProjectHR (2020), Part One

The Very Best of ProjectHR

Episode 1.48: We're turning one! ProjectHR has reached its one-year anniversary, and we are celebrating with a collection of the podcast's best moments of the past year, split into two parts. Here in Part One, we feature the following guests:

Dr. Fiona Jamison, CEO, Spring International

Doug Buce, Founder & Chief Learning Officer of Boing Dynamics, Inc.

Siobhan McHale, EGM People, Culture & Change, DuluxGroup; Author of The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change: Creating a Workplace That Delivers, Grows & Adapts

Jason Greer, Brain Based Employment Expert and Diversity Trainer with Greer Consulting

Chris Tuff, EVO, Director of Marketing & Partnerships for 22squared and author of The Millennial Whisperer

Matt Self, Partner and Chief Revenue Officer, Conklin Media

Karen Loughlin, Talent Sourcing & Diversity Manager at Wegmans Food Markets

Andrea Hoffer, Founder of AHA! Business Consulting

Deb Muller, CEO of HR Acuity

Chris Meroff, Leader, Author and Creator of Align: Four Simple Steps for Leaders to Create Employee Fulfillment through Alignment Leadership

Oliver Bell, CEO, Oliver Bell, Inc.

Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson, author of Inclusify: The Power of Uniqueness and Belonging to Build Innovative Teams

John Eades, CEO of LearnLoft and author of Building theBest: 8 Proven Leadership Principles to Elevate Others To Success

Lisa Nagele-Piazza, Senior Legal Editor at Society for Human Resource Management

Jennifer Orechwa, COO of Projections, Inc.

Nick Kalm, Founder and President of Reputation Partners, LLC

Ted Ma, Leadership speaker and expert

Dr. Ada Luz Gonzalez, Owner of Transformative Conversations and author of Transformative Conversations: The heart of the leadership journey.

Dr. Edie Goldberg, President of E.L. Goldberg & Associates and author of The Inside Gig: How Sharing Untapped Talent Across Boundaries Unleashes Organizational Capacity

Jim Bitterle, Managing Partner, EDSI

Dr. Bradford Cooper, CEO of US Corporate Wellness, Co-Founder of The Catalyst Coaching institute

Sarah Scala, Founder and Principal Consultant of Sarah Scala Consulting

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Jennifer Orechwa


“In this special edition of ProjectHR, you’re going to get only the very best our guests had to offer, as we celebrate our first year."

The Very Best of ProjectHR

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