How Over-Communicating Can Damage Employee Engagement

The ability to be able to communicate well is often equated with success, but can there be too much communication? That's probably not a phrase that you'd expect to hear, as everyone goes on & on about how important communication is. You'd be forgiven for thinking that there's no such thing as over-communicating. However, your employees can easily become apathetic and confused by long business speeches and frequent in-depth reminders of how the company is run and why.

Transactional vs. Relational

As a smart company, you're likely always looking for ways to perform better, which is, of course, necessary for growth. But, when employees are bombarded with too much information, it can cause them to lose sight of the company's core values and the important reasons the work is being done. Over-communication can negatively impact employees - and the company - if focusing on transactional (rather than relational) interaction makes those employees less motivated.

Convey the Right Message

It's important to internally communicate your values, mission, and business aspirations to your employees in a focused, strategic manner. Remember that your words are powerful and the manner in which they're delivered means they can intrigue, inspire and innovate when your message is conveyed correctly.

Delivering a powerful, succinct message online, (or better yet, through video!) to your employees will clear up any confusion and create a better working environment. When team members clearly understand what your company is about, they will be better able to put your message across to your customers.

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Build a Better Relationship With Your Employees

Without your customers, you wouldn't have a business. But equally, without your employees - your internal customers - you wouldn't be able to grow your business either, so it makes sense to build good employee relationships, too. Establishing successful connections with your employees is one of the smartest things you can do in your business because when people know you value their input as much as their output, you get their very best engaged, motivated selves.

Boost Morale

Over-communication can also affect employee morale and create difficult administrative decisions.  If, for example, your company has had to downsize to stay afloat, employees who remain can be left feeling insecure about their future prospects, particularly if they are being bombarded by the stats, facts, and figures that caused the layoffs to occur. This over-communication problem can be overcome by creating positive communication that indicates what the future holds, rather than justifying the present. Creating a website or online video to address the concerns of both employees and their families can help the company move forward with improved morale and an outlook that inspires renewed growth!

Reach Your Team

The digital age enables businesses to reach their employees in ways that could never have been imagined even a decade ago. Gone are the days when workers have to sit through long speeches and endless slide shows of numbers and statistics. Companies now have the option of acquiring bespoke websites, videos and even interactive eLearning courses. There are plenty of ways you can communicate your ideas and future business vision to your employees in accessible - and even enjoyable - ways.

So don't alienate your workforce by over-communicating! If you want to convey an inspirational message to your employees but aren't sure how to put it into words, the employee communication experts at Projections can help. With over three decades of helping companies just like yours communicate Core Values, Vision and Mission, we can match your culture and your voice to help you meet your employee communication goals.


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