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Leadership Training That Protects Your Company  

And Prepares Your Workforce

Address the skills your leaders need in 2021 with robust online leadership training that prevents legal missteps and connects your workforce in this time of need. 

Save 10% Until 31 January 2021


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Online Leadership Training Bundle Sale

Live training for your leaders is nearly impossible right now, yet the need is greater than ever.

Video call and webinar fatigue is real, so what can you do to address the skills your leaders need in 2021?

The 2021 Leadership Training Bundle

Our two best-selling online leadership training platforms, bundled and on sale for the first time.


A Better Leader empowers your teams to tackle the toughest of today’s challenging topics. Over 3 years of monthly leadership lessons will help your leaders address Implicit Bias, Cultural Sensitivity, creating a Respectful Workplace and so much more! From Motivating Remote Teams to Crisis Communications, you’re building a leadership team that understands that “soft skills” aren’t “fluffy”. This is the knowledge today’s leaders must have to succeed. 

LaborWise Leadership helps protect against legal missteps - even before you know you have organizing activity! This robust labor relations training is broken into micro-bursts of learning, organized into 2 parts. Part One is preventive in nature, helping your leaders understand why it’s vital to meet employee needs in order to maintain their direct connection. Part Two helps protect your company in the event of an organizing attempt.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you sign up, you will receive immediate access to both platforms for all of your training needs. You will receive training on things like Diversity, Change, Conflict Management, Implicit Bias - and most importantly, teaching leaders to help maintain your direct relationship with employees.

  • Protect against legal missteps
  • Prevent organizing activity
  • Available to host on your LMS
  • Or we can host for you!
  • Compliance tracking
  • Comprehensive training on today's challenging topics
  • Administrative dashboard
  • Choose your monthly lessons
  • We host for you!
  • Compliance tracking
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You want to create an employee culture that inspires and motivates, one where common goals provide every member of your team with an ownership mindset.

It is our ultimate goal at Projections, Inc to get you there.

Over 40 years of experience taught us that connecting with employees is the clear path to creating successful companies that matter.

-Jennifer Orechwa, COO of Projections

Happy Customers

Kelly Smith

Training & Development, AutoZone

Easy to use and affordable.

We have subscribed to A Better Leader for more than 5 years. We love it. It is easy to use. The Projections team is great (friendly, patient, knowledgeable, open to feedback). In our culture of thrift, it is very affordable. THANK YOU for all that you do. You are awesome...a hidden gem. But word is getting out!

Jomil Valdez

Trinity Group

Continued growth and learning for leaders.

Before A Better Leader, we were experiencing high turnover, and a lack of team unity. Now, our leaders have monthly training that is helpful for continued growth and they're learning leadership skills that they were lacking.

Course Modules

A Better Leader & LaborWise Leadership


A Better Leader

Get instant access to over 3 years worth of online training and curate a custom training schedule. Module titles include: Emotional Intelligence, Crisis Communication, Implicit Bias, Ethics and Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Cultural Sensitivity, Building Morale, Work-Life Balance, Requesting Feedback, and much more!


LaborWise Leadership

Get instant access to the full, 10-module course. Each module contains individual lessons on topics such as: The Power of The Positive, How Unions Impact The Workplace, Anatomy of a Union Campaign, Recognize and React to Signs of Union Activity, Keeping it Legal: Leadership Do's & Don'ts, and much more!


See the training in action!

LaborWise Leadership

Take a look for yourself! Here's an inside peek at how the platform works as well as more insight into the incredible features LaborWise Leadership has to offer. Your leaders will learn the how, what, and why of unions so they can better address your employees' needs.

A Better Leader

Learn more about A Better Leader's training platform and see its features in action (like the drag-and-drop scheduler you can set up ahead of time). Your workforce will gain the skills needed to be more connected, motivated, and prepared for the future.


Sign up for A Better Leader & LaborWise Leadership before January 31st and get 10% off your first year!

(That's $840 off. It's like getting two months of A Better Leader for FREE!)


A Better Leader



LaborWise Leadership



Get both A Better Leader & LaborWise Leadership

SAVE 10%


How long does it take for my purchase(s) to be available to me?

You should receive an email confirming your purchase and providing a link to view it within minutes of your transaction. If it’s been more than 30 minutes, please contact us via phone at 877-448-9741 or chat with someone immediately, here.

How can I see my active subscriptions for products like A Better Leader, LaborWise Leadership, The Respectful Workplace, etc.?

Once you’re logged in,  click on “Account” in the upper right. Then click on “View Your Subscriptions.

We’ve got union organizing activity – how can you help?

If you find yourself in the middle of a union organizing campaign, it’s time to connect with employees. Depending on what stage you’re in with the campaign, UnionProof can help in a variety of ways. On our blog, you’ll find a wealth of information and advice, including what to do if you’ve got card signing activity. You may want to use our video resources, including our Ultimate Defense Kit, as they work hand-in-hand with the strategy your labor attorney recommends. Give us a call – we’ll be happy to guide you to the solutions you need.

I need to communicate with my unique audience on very specific issues, and these ready-made resources aren’t going to do the trick – can you help?

Absolutely, custom production is our jam. We can provide fully custom-produced video, web and eLearning resources that reflect your company’s culture, voice and employee needs. Our in-house team of writers, producers, editors, animators, web designers and online learning experts stand ready to help you “get real” with your employees.

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