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Hosted by newcomer Beth Pilgreen, each episode of the ProjectHR podcast from Projections focuses on a specific aspect of creating a culture of engagement for your company. Topics include human resources, labor & employee relations, and the things that make this field exciting and new every day. Each episode features a guest with a unique area of expertise, plus tips, resources, links and ideas.

ProjectHR focuses just as much on the practical aspects of the human resources challenge as it does the emotional aspects. The core of ProjectHR is not a how-to guide, it’s a community of friends offering each other their knowledge and building something amazing together.

“Most people get into Human Resources because they love supporting others,” said ProjectHR Producer, Jacquline Gregory. “ProjectHR gets back to the heart of that motivation.”

About Us

Since 1979, Projections, Inc. has been providing award-winning resources to HR professionals that want to avoid third-party involvement in their businesses and create a true culture of genuine employee engagement.