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Harassment Prevention Training from Projections, Inc.

No matter what products you sell or what industry you’re in, harassment prevention must be a top priority. What works and what you need to include in that training is changing rapidly. Here is what you need to know regarding harassment prevention training now...


The Different Types of Harassment from Projections, Inc.

Creating a workplace where employees feel valued and safe begins with awareness of the many ways in which harassment can occur. Make sure you’re aware of the most common types of harassment in the workplace and take action before small issues become larger problems...


Why Your Harassment Prevention Training Is Failing from Projections, Inc.

If the goal of your harassment prevention training is simply to be in compliance with the legal requirements, you may be missing the point. Here's what you can do to empower employees to act courageously whenever they are confronted with bad behavior...


Abusive Conduct from Projections, Inc.

Bullying was never just a high school problem. Invariably, abusive conduct grows up and becomes a problem for employers, in the form of harassment. Here's how you can educate your company - not just on the effects of abusive conduct, but on the kind of culture and environment that allows bullying behavior to happen...