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Positive Things Started To Happen

Showed the tapes to small groups as you'd suggested and positive things started to happen. A union leader said he had no idea how a union could stir up so much negative activity, and he said he was dropping out of trying to get the IBEW in. In short, it worked great! I was also impressed with your very rapid response to our needs.

Bob Fiesthumel , Thermo Instrument Systems

Worthwhile Investment

We're very glad we made the investment; your videos provided all the information needed. These videos were very helpful, especially in this case, where the client had no full time HR department.

Bert Brannen , Attorney, Fisher & Phillips

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Let me say the results of our benefits communication to our employees was very positive. As a team, Projections and Michelin, delivered good news to our employees about a complicated topic - communication that was understood, on time, and on budget. I thank your team for a job well done.

Jack Dixon , Michelin North America

Exceeded Expectations

On behalf of the Honey Baked ham Company, I want to thank you for the outstanding work your company did on our training videos. Your team was extremely competent and professional. What impressed us most was your team's ability to take our initial thoughts and capture our vision to deliver our message in the precise format that is consistent with Honey Baked's culture. The end product exceeded our expectations.

Ami Huff , HoneyBaked Ham

The Outcome Will Be Excellent

I have never worked with such pleasant, professional, and truly caring professionals. I know and trust that whenever we begin a project the outcome will be excellent. I have worked with many vendors through the years but none has so consistently been such a genuine pleasure with which to work.

Andy Meredith , FedEx Labor Relations

Great Experience

The final video - in large measure because of the professionalism and capabilities of your staff - was excellent. In addition they made the experience of completing the video easy!

Bruce Ainslie , Siemens Westinghouse

Substantial Victory

Your videos did, in fact, help turn a difficult and close election into a substantial victory. As you know, with second elections, we knew it wouldn't be effective to just recycle the same material. Thanks for your support!

David Burke , Consultant, The Burke Group

Positive Comments

I arrived to see the final showing of the video and to monitor the impact in the following days. The people were 'enchanted' with the video! The next day, the supervisors, who were working the line/floor with the employees, heard positive comments including how they'd switched their votes to the company. Very effective job!

Daniel Ward , Attorney, Thompson, Hine & Flory

Short Lead Time

We weren't sure if we were going to make a video at first, but when the employees received the Nurses Association video at their homes (earlier then we'd expected) we elected to go ahead, and the video Projections produced was very good, especially for the length of lead time we'd given you!

Keith Reed , Attorney, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Couldn't Ask For More

Overall, I couldn't have asked for more! I get very positive comments when I'm showing it during training. I think the visual imagery helps their 'listening'; it's a real benefit.

James Young , Human Asset Management

Website & 25th Hour Video

The website and the customized 25th hour video were hard-hitting and help drive our message home. Projections provided us with innovative, interactive, and most importantly, effective methods of communication. The results of the election alone prove the effectiveness of your programs and ideas!

Marty Martenson , Partner, Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon LLP


The custom work you did for my client was marvelous! Outstanding! With 500 employees, we won by a 4:1 ratio! You know, we bought your Sexual Harassment series too. The content is excellent! The writing is excellent!

Marc Furman , Attorney, Rothenberg & Silverman

Really Got Us Out Of A Jam!

We WON! Several times during the video, the employees broke out in spontaneous clapping and cheering!! That's first time I've ever seen anything like that! We won 342-206. You guys, all of you, really got us out of a jam.

Ron Daves , Attorney, Wimberly, Lawson, Norton, & Luhn

Extremely Effective

Icebreaker worked very, well for our drivers who were being targeted by the Teamsters. They were really able to identify with the message. Extremely effective. The actor helped sway them from being interested further in what the union was pitching. It was strong without being abrasive.

Bill VanPelt , Dedicated Services, Inc.

Wouldn't Have Done it Any Other Way!

It would have been close to impossible to convey the same amount of information in any other way and we certainly could not have held anyone's attention by simply talking to our employees!

Suzan Laycob , American Loose Leaf Business Products


Little Card Big Trouble was absolute EXCELLENT! If we could have found out about this union stuff earlier and used this video, I'm sure we wouldn't have an had an election. I also thought the UBC 25th Hour was superb. Great job. I would refer your videos to anyone and everyone.

Susan Hess , National Marketing System

A Better Leader

I have employees all over the country with different types of jobs, varying work schedules, and no training budget. The distribution for A Better Leader could not be easier! Every lesson is of great quality. They provide excellent concept introduction for new leaders, without talking down to seasoned ones. I pick up good reminders every time I watch one!

Patricia Moody , SSI Schaefer Systems International Inc.

Very Realistic

I really liked the video. It didn't insult the employees intelligence - no heavy-handedness, no talking head. Also, compared to other videos, yours are very realistic.

Sylvia Miller , Gates Rubber

Worth It!

The feedback we received showed that the video was influential. It hit home and raised some good questions, helping employees arrive at a decision that wasn't just emotional! It was the worth the time, energy and money! In short it was a super video, and we certainly could not have asked for a better value or quicker response time on your part.

Samuel Watts , Atlantic Southeast Airlines

Employees Can Relate

WON vs. UBC. Your videos hit in the emotional side of the campaign. Employees can relate to them.

Marc Furman , Attorney, Rothenberg & Silverman

STILL Effective!

I showed our employee orientation video for what seemed like the four hundredth time yesterday, and I wanted to write and let you know that it is STILL effective! After viewing the presentation, our employees know what a good benefits program they have, they know what the rules are around here and what's expected of them, and, above all, they know why the company doesn't want a union here.

Ed Adamczyk , Claxton Poultry Farms

Exposing the Union

Great results! I'd used other videos, but people didn't like them. The others attack pro-union staff and personnel. Yours inform the people and by so doing exposing the union itself.

Mike Levenson , Fairfeld Center, Inc.

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