Top 5 Ways to Hire Great Employees for Retail

A lot of time, effort and expense goes into training employees, so it only makes sense to put together a strong, dedicated team that helps improve sales and the business overall. You can hire employees like this by following a few simple steps.

1. The Application Process

Tailor your job posting to be more than just a generic recruitment ad. Get the message across about your company culture, and perhaps even provide a link to a pre-hire orientation video.

Don’t just pick any applicant who appears to have sufficient retail experience. Experience doesn’t necessarily mean that the applicant is a capable and professional worker.

Look for applicants who appear to be motivated and outgoing — two big pluses in the retail market. A motivated employee is one who is more likely to engage customers and make sales.

2. The Interview Process

The interview is your first opportunity to gauge how the applicant might perform in a retail setting before you make the decision to hire them, so be aware of not only how they answer questions but also how they appear and sound when doing so. Present them with situations that may arise in a retail setting and ask them how they would handle it.

This is also your opportunity to tell applicants more about your company and explain your company philosophy, so that you can better discern who would really be motivated to work for you.

Employee Orientation

3. Training Your Employees

Even if those you have hired have previous retail experience, chances are there are ways in which you expect them to act and perform in your own establishment. This is another area in which pre-hire and post-hire videos come in handy. Welcoming new employees to a small lunch with other members of the team can also break the ice, as well as show them that you value them as a part of the team.

4. Showing Appreciation

Employees who don’t feel appreciated not only become unmotivated, they eventually leave, too. Show appreciation through recognition of good workmanship and incentives. Consider online training to give your managers and supervisors better leadership skills, if you feel it might help you improve manager-employee relations.

5. Provide Reviews

Providing regular feedback and performance reviews gives you the chance to tell employees how they are doing. It is also a great opportunity to give additional praise for any instances in which they excelled, and to offer encouragement and advice.

While the above process isn’t necessarily a foolproof plan for building a great retail team, it certainly improves the odds of hiring and retaining excellent employees. You can also improve your current team’s motivation and morale by re-applying steps 4 and 5.

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