Your Onboarding Program: Follow Through Is Vital

A strong onboarding program can have great results across the board: reduced on-the-job anxiety, higher retention rates, time saved for the supervisor and HR, development of positive attitudes, and increased productivity. However, after spending the time and money required to make sure you are getting the response you want and need, you need to know if what you are doing is working.

That means that creating benchmarks for progress is vital to the implementation of your program over time.

As with any training, follow-through is vital to making sure an orientation meets the company’s progressing needs. A website could offer a brief, five-question survey focused on the Day One orientation.

Ten days later, the new hire can receive a link to a follow-up survey that focuses on the depth, breadth, and content of the orientation process. As a part of this measured feedback, the survey should allow ample space for the new hire to provide information on what he or she would have liked to receive during the new employee orientation program.

This is also a key instrument to discover what information was overlooked or what was unneeded. And of course, to make sure the program comes full circle, this feedback must then be incorporated to improve the employee onboarding program.

For details on how you can develop an orientation program that will meet your company’s needs, download Projections’ new hire whitepaper, “Onboarding: Employee Orientation Beyond Sink or Swim.”

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About the Author Jennifer Orechwa

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