Superior Supervisors Create UnionProof Companies

Finding the right supervisor labor relations training can mean the difference between effortlessly building your union proof culture and struggling repeatedly to explain your company’s union-free philosophy. The number one way to foster positive employee relations is to empower front-line leaders with the knowledge they need.

Key to your supervisor labor relations training is understanding of why employees unionize. Your employees may rarely see you or upper management, but they see their supervisors every day. This means two things: First, your supervisors’ insight into the mindset of their team members is invaluable knowledge. Second, how your supervisors treat your employees is going to shape how your employees see you.

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Consider Your Approach

Building better leaders is a vital part of becoming UnionProof, but you don’t have to talk about unions to do it. In fact, getting alignment among leaders can help them trust and connect with one another.  A Better Leader offers fresh new leadership topics every month, allowing you to build a full leader training strategy around topics like building morale, developing trust, effective listening, diversity and inclusion and more.

Take your company’s culture into account. The language you use and the lessons you choose can have a profound effect on how the supervisor training is received and implemented. Supervisor labor relations training need not be all about unions or the law – you can protect employees by providing their supervisor with the facts about unions today.

Know What To Teach

If you want to union proof your business, your first step is providing supervisor labor relations training. Your supervisors  will make the difference between a happy workforce and a disgruntled one. Attorneys, and employer councils agree that supervisor training is absolutely vital to creating a union-proof culture. 

But what information should you be provide to your supervisors? Here are three vital topics to build awareness, understanding, and create a solid first line of defense:

  1. Teach the Power of the Positive
    Begin by helping your supervisors realize their own influence and how they can meet employee needs. Introduce basic, proactive union-proofing concepts.
  2.  Explain Leadership During A Union Campaign
    Dig deep into today’s approach to labor relations, online organizing, the importance of good communication, and legal do’s and don’ts. (Take care here not to overwhelm them with legal information – only provide what they need to do to stay legal and support the company.)
  3. Create Your UnionProof Culture
    Once all supervisors have those two things mastered, you can foster an environment of mutual respect and collaboration, where unions just aren’t needed.

What It Takes To Remain Union-Free Is Changing Rapidly

Unions have been around for hundreds of years, but their organizing strategies are evolving. The old characterization of a “battle” between labor and employers is falling by the wayside, and using language that reflects that old approach can truly backfire on companies that want to remain union-free.

Today’s workforce is diverse, and your supervisors have to be able to adapt, think quickly, and meet the needs of every team member in order to foster a union proof culture. Employees must trust your front-line leaders, and those leaders need to have the skills and knowledge it takes to address employee questions. Don’t just expect them to know the right way to answer employee questions – educate them and empower them to carry your message.

Empower Your Supervisors

Supervisor labor relations training will improve the effectiveness of your leaders in the face of modern union organizing and online card signing. The key is constant vigilance through education. Look for new ways to engage and communicate with your employees regarding the risks of unionization, and make sure your supervisors  know them.

High Tech Union Organizing

Educating your supervisors can be time-consuming and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Explore eLearning options for cost-effective solutions. In addition to providing consistency in your training regardless of changes in trainers or newly promoted managers, eLearning is also less costly, and infinitely more accessible, allowing your supervisors to remain productive while staying cutting-edge. If you’re in need of effective supervisor labor relations training for your workplace, we’d be happy to help you implement training to stay union-free.

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