Learn the 1 Big Mistake That Leaves Companies Vulnerable and “easy prey” for Unions…

UnionProof Certification Video #2Here’s how to Start Creating Your Union-Proof Culture [FREE VIDEO]

On Monday, I shared a new video, all about avoiding the costs associated with unionization. Afterward, our amazing tribe shared some tremendous feedback, including things like…

“The segment is an effective and developing blueprint to remaining union free. It left me wanting more. Well done!”
-from James Hulsizer at Kulture, Inc. sent via email.


“Our last battle with union organizers was in 1995.  Following the practices so clearly illustrated in your video, we have been a company where a union is not even a consideration. Through clear and concise communication and the understanding that management must be present to be respected, we have prospered. Thank you for sharing. I have enjoyed and appreciated all of your contributions over the years.”
– from Dan Fortman, Vice President Human Resources, Eagle Crusher Company, Inc.

There’s lots more great feedback (from some folks you might know!) on the page with the video.

So, on Monday, I talked about creating a UnionProof culture, and what being able to avoid the costs, the stress, the late nights and the uncertainty of a union organizing drive would mean to companies and their employees, and that really seemed to resonate…

I also promised that I would be back to share the biggest mistake I see people make when it comes to union-proofing a business, and how to make sure it never happens to you.

So today, I’ve got that second video ready for you. And if I dare say, it’s far better than the first one (practice makes perfect and all that!) I’m not selling anything – it’s just all about how NOT to be a sitting duck for union organizers. It’s about what to do NOW to start creating a union-proof culture.

I hope you enjoy it!


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About the Author Jennifer Orechwa

With over 25 years in the industry, and now as IRI's Director of Business Development, Jennifer has gained a unique perspective on what it takes to build a culture of engagement. By blending a deep understanding of labor and employee relations with powerful digital marketing knowledge, Jennifer has helped thousands of companies achieve behavioral change at a cultural level.

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