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Online Labor Relations Training For Your Leaders

Teach the Power of the Positive

Part One begins by helping your supervisors realize their own influence and how they can meet employee needs. Basic, proactive union-proofing concepts are introduced.

Leadership During A Union Campaign

Part Two digs deep into today's approach to labor relations, online organizing, the importance of good communication, and legal do's and don'ts.

Create Your UnionProof Culture

Once all supervisors have completed the course, you can foster an environment of mutual respect and collaboration, where unions just aren't needed.

About LaborWise Leadership

LaborWise Leadership is today's approach to labor relations, grounded in time-tested supervisor training.

The UnionProof team at Projections has  been teaching these principles since 1989. While the tone (and of course, the delivery!) of the material has changed, the idea of connecting with your team to create an environment where employees feel supported hasn't.

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Online Labor Relations Training for Supervisors

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This simple online platform allows you to train every supervisor, consistently.

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Labor Relations e-Learning for Supervisors

Verify understanding and measure success .

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Reduce the risk of union organizing.

LaborWise Leadership improves the skills of  your frontline leadership with knowledge about unions and actionable steps to create more engaged employees.

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What LaborWise Leadership Covers

Give your leaders what they need to support your UnionProof culture!

How Much Time Do We Need?

Each lesson is under 5 minutes in length.
Learners can stop and restart whenever needed, LaborWise will hold their place!

How Do We Measure Effectiveness?

Your Dashboard provides the results of your supervisors'  pre-test, their reinforcement quizzes along the way and the  final Post-test. You'll know exactly how your leaders are progressing!

See it in Action:

PART ONE – “The Power of the Positive”

SESSION 1: LaborWise Leadership

        Lesson 1.1: Positive Workplaces

        Lesson 1.2: A Leader’s Influence

        Lesson 1.3: Employee Needs

        Lesson 1.4: Better Leaders

SESSION 2: The Union Landscape

        Lesson 2.1: What is a Union?

        Lesson 2.2: Union Membership

        Lesson 2.3: Union Finances

SESSION 3: How Unions Change Workplaces

        Lesson 3.1: Why avoid Unions?

        Lesson 3.2: Impact on Leadership

        Lesson 3.3: Impact on Employees

SESSION 4: Anatomy of a Union Campaign

        Lesson 4.1: Traditional Campaigns

        Lesson 4.2: Roles

        Lesson 4.3: Authorization Cards

SESSION 5: Preserving Your Union-Free Status

        Lesson 5.1: Creating A UnionProof Culture

        Lesson 5.2: Understanding Unions

        Lesson 5.3: Building A Positive Workplace

PART TWO – “Leadership During A Union Campaign”

SESSION 6: Today’s Union Campaigns

        Lesson 6.1: Need For Change

        Lesson 6.2: Online Campaigns

        Lesson 6.3: Eliminating the need for card check

SESSION 7: Recognizing & Reacting To Signs of Union Organizing Activity

        Lesson 7.1: Signs of Organizing

        Lesson 7.2: What Can Managers Do?

SESSION 8: Campaign Communication: Why It’s So Important

        Lesson 8.1: Importance

        Lesson 8.2: Benefits

        Lesson 8.3: Union Communication

        Lesson 8.4: Company Communication

SESSION 9: Keeping It Legal: Leadership Do’s and Don’ts

        Lesson 9.1: TIPS

        Lesson 9.2: FOE

        Lesson 9.3: ULPs

SESSION 10: Post-Campaign: What Happens Next?

        Lesson 10.1: If you win

        Lesson 10.2: If you lose

        Lesson 10.3: Election Results

        Lesson 10.4 Post Campaign: union-Free

        Lesson 10.4 Post Campaign: unionized

        Lesson 10.4 Decertification

        Lesson 10.7 Congratulations!

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Prevent Unionization with Online Labor Relations Training

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