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Many companies are slow to realize that they need to do more than just address immediate concerns. Those who are already building a UnionProof culture are succeeding with less effort and stress, and those who haven’t operate at a higher risk.

Still, how do you create a UnionProof culture? And how do you find the resources you need on a budget? 

When you get Certified,  you'll have the ability to address every area of labor relations you need to develop your UnionProof culture. You'll lead with the exact knowledge you need to build each piece of your labor relations strategy. Each lesson you complete results in a stronger foundation for true employee engagement. You’ll get a return on your investment the second you start incorporating this knowledge into your labor relations strategy.



Most Informative!

This course has been most informative and I am using the knowledge learned to create an in-house standard operating procedure, should union activity be suspected.

Another great way to get ahead

Knowledge is key to promoting a positive workplace and this is the place to find it. It's dangerous nowadays to sit back and ignore the potential for labor activity but you've come up with another great way to get ahead and stay there.

UnionProof Certification

Knowledge is key to promoting a positive workplace and this is the place to find it. It's dangerous nowadays to sit back and ignore the potential for labor activity but you've come up with another great way to get ahead and stay there.

VP, Human Resources

A great addition to management tools

What a great addition to management tools for building a positive workplace. Tons of information here, not to mention the use of technology to deliver on-demand training for managers when they can focus.

Learn from some great experts

A great course that not only shares knowledge but also provides tools to actually put a plan in place. If you are new to employee relations or want to deepen your knowledge and learn from some great experts - this is a great way to do it.

A tool that every company should have

This is a tool that every company should have in their union avoidance tool kit - I wish this program had been available when we were fighting the good fight. Nothing in the market today will be as effective as this program in keeping unions "unnecessary." Thank you Projections for taking the time to create and produce a very relevant program. Well done!

Course has been excellent!

The first six weeks of the UnionProof Certification course has been excellent. Coverage of the topics are very thorough, the video lessons are concise, informative and relevant, and the supplemental reading is an excellent compliment to the materials. The homework takes some time to complete but it's an investment in yourself and your organization because it is giving you a solid foundation for creating or building your union-free plan. I thought I knew quite a bit about labor unions and union organizing but I'm happy to say I've learned a lot so far and am looking forward to the remainder of the certification program!

The Course

Each lesson includes a video and an in-depth workbook that makes the content relevant to you and your organization. To complete your experience, take a quiz and test your comprehension.

Watch this video to get an idea of what you'll experience.

Your Union Proof Certification Course: 

24 Lessons, Broken Into 6 Units

Each self-paced lesson provides one hour of SHRM/HRCI recertification credit

  • A History Lesson
    • History of Unions 1900-1950
    • History 1950-Today
  • Why Become Union Proof?
    • Cost of unionization
    • Job security
  • Organized Labor: An Inside Look
    • The NRLB
    • Corruption
    • Finances
    • Constitutions
  • Organizing
    • The 3 Ways unions can get into a company
    • Modern Organizing tactics
    • Signs of an Organizing drive
    • Representation: The Legal Process
    • During a Campaign (TIPS)
    • During a Campaign (FOE)
    • ULPs
  • Life With A Union
    • Collective Bargaining
    • Managing in a Union Environment
    • What really happens during a strike?
  • Getting Union Proof
    • Roles of Attorneys, Consultants, Persuaders, Content Providers
    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Solicitation and Distribution & Employee Handbooks
    • Getting Proactive – Preventive Measures
    • What’s your Union Free Philosophy?
    • Defining your Union Free Culture


How much is a lack of engagement costing you? How many employees would sign a union authorization card if approached today? How many reasonable efforts by upper management fall on deaf ears or are met with suspicion from employees? What would an organizing campaign cost you, not just in dollars, but in time, energy, and stress?  Not having a UnionProof culture could be costing you a great deal.



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Understand the secret of how union-proofing works.

Understand how successful companies use this proven strategy.

Create a culture where unions just aren't necessary.

100% UNION-FREE Guarantee

Here at UnionProof, we believe that the time-tested material you'll cover in UnionProof Certification is powerful enough to keep your company union-free. We're so sure of this that we offer our union-free guarantee.

If within one year of completing your UnionProof Certification, your company receives a petition for union representation, we'll provide you with one year of access to ProofBox, a $9,000 value - at absolutely no cost to you.

ProofBox includes every video title we offer, as well as union-specific websites. You'll find the preventive and campaign resources you need to communicate and connect with employees.

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