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What Degree Do Labor Relations Specialists Have?

If you're trying to prevent a union from organizing in your organization, is it better to have a labor relations degree - or can you do it on your own? The reality is that it depends....

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Protected Concerted Activity Surrounding Email and Social Media

There are many forms of protected concerted activity. It could be as simple as your employees wearing buttons and pins with a labor union logo or as complex as a work stoppage to get management's attention for an employee issue. Following are some mo...

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Micro-Units: The Growing Unionization Threat

The micro-unit is a true unionization threat, leading to employers dealing with multiple collective bargaining units rather than one and creating a management nightmare....

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How Unions Are Using Digital Communications to Organize Your Employees

Increasingly, social media and digital communications and digital communications have become important organizing tools for labor unions. Moreover, according to a recent Labor and Employment Report, social-media organizing is particularly effective a...

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The Cost of Unionization

What is the cost of unionization? For union members, it’s typically around two-and-a-half hours of pay each month. But, for a company, the cost of unionization is more in line with a 30% increase in operating expenses. And the cost of a union to a ...

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What Is A Union and What Are Organizing Campaigns?

no company is immune to union organizing, and why it's important to understand exactly what is a union and important facts about organizing campaigns....

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Social Listening: Connecting With Employees Online

If you're not using social media to engage your employees, you're missing out on a key opportunity to strengthen communications with them through a platform they are already comfortable using....

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Are You Missing These 10 Signs of Union Organizing Activity?

The following are ten signs of union organizing that are easy to miss but important to recognize and address in order to create your union-proof culture....

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New Employer Challenge: Millennials and Unionization

For employers to stay union-proof, it is crucial to understand the overall link between millennials and unionization, since recent studies indicate they like labor unions....

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The Totality of Circumstances: The Big Picture of NLRB Decisions

“My manager made one mistake,” the employer says after an employee files a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), claiming her National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) protected concerted rights were violated. The question i...

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Communicating Change: How To Use Your In-House Communications Team

Communicating change in the workplace can be difficult. Change management is a process for helping the workforce accept and embrace change in the workplace....

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What Impact Will COVID-19 Have On Union Organizing?

The COVID-19 virus pandemic created a scenario that seems almost ideal for unions to step in and leverage employee fears. Despite the virus' unprecedented impact, we can already put the pieces of the current puzzle together to create a picture of the...

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