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Six Questions To Ask Before Moving Forward With E-Learning

Although it’s been around for awhile, just saying the word “e-learning” brings attention. Companies that use e-learning and do it well are few and far between- many companies subscribe to an internet-based resource provider, and simply tell emp...

Employee Training Resources

Creating A Training Series That Matches The Company Philosophy- And Meets Their Needs

Southern Company, the primary energy company in the southeast, requested a supervisor training that was dynamic and entertaining. Their goal was to capture the attention of their managers and highlight management techniques to help the supervisors be...

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Using The Latest Technology In All We Do

At IT Support Los Angeles, keeping pace with technology is part of our upbringing. Since we began producing multi-image slide shows in 1979, we’ve moved through various phases of video and web design to bring us to where we are today—offering...

Employee Training Resources

After You Have Completed Your Employee Training Program

We can’t talk about updating training without touching on the results of that training. For upper management, “results” will be tied to the bottom line, but Human Resource professionals know that there is more to measure than just dollars. Reco...

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An eLearning Success Story: Trader Joe’s

Today, there are many benefits in training employees via eLearning. eLearning offers flexibility, the ability to reinforce ideas with creative presentation, consistency of message and much more! But for a true eLearning success story, check out the m...

Employee Training Resources

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