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Custom Employee Communication Solutions from experts with over 35 years connecting with employees

Get exactly the employee communication solution you need, to create results that matter. Projections’ writers, producers, editors, and animators are available to you, with the expertise that comes from over three decades of helping employers connect with employees - it’s specialized expertise you won’t find anywhere else.



No more slide shows, no boring speeches!

Connect with the most receptive minds in your company, consistently and powerfully! Deliver a message that conveys your company’s history, culture, and the vision for the future, in a way that is incredibly memorable.

Get our FREE new report, filled with innovative new ideas for onboarding new employees - plus our bonus orientation checklist.

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The key to managing in times of crisis is powerful employee communication. You can mitigate the effects of any crisis with proactive employee training, delivered as interactive eLearning.


Downsizing doesn’t have to destroy morale, With excellent communication, the team that remains can be powerful and effective. This communication can be delivered via video, online or off, or through a dedicated, password-protected website from Projections that eases fears and answers questions.

Managing Layoffs


Communicate about the benefits you offer, and ease enrollment period confusion with a consistent message that helps employees make the most of what’s available to them. Reinforce your position as an employer of choice with a dedicated website or easy-to-access online video.


From leadership to customer service, even new processes and safety requirements, the right employee training tools can mean the difference between progress and struggle for your teams. Get the right training for your needs with a custom-crafted solution.

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Starts at just $450 a month
Train an unlimited number of managers
Full compliance reporting included

mobile friendly options

deliver your employee communications online, with our secure, responsive, interactive, and easily accessible designs.

use of humor

our writers know how to use the right tone and delivery to match your company’s culture, while fully engaging employees in the most memorable of ways.

multiple languages

connect with your employees in their own language - from Arabic to Vietnamese, and everything in between. Plus, choose your host to match your demographics.

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