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Using Social Media To Incentivize Employees

Social media has long since left the realm of just keeping up with old friends. Sites like LinkedIn allow business people to share their experiences and find information about others, making it an ideal recruiting source for employers. You can also use social media to incentivize employees with public recognition.

Using Social Media To Incentivize Recruitment

Today, people tend to post things online without hesitation. Even if a picture shows poor behavior, some have no qualms about sharing it. You can look up potential candidates for hire to see if their activities mirror your company’s culture. But social media is more than just passive monitoring; it’s a place to actively recruit your next best employees.

Reasons You Should Be Using Social Media For Recruitment from Projections, Inc.

Finding the right talent for your organization can now even begin on social media. Facebook’s job section allows you to post your position and find qualified candidates with ease. LinkedIn offers insight into skills and achievements. 

Using Social Media To Incentivize Retention

Recruitment is only one part of the picture – retention is another. If you want to retain your best talent and ensure they continue to succeed, then you need to offer valuable incentives, including public recognition.

Recognition on social media can also be a great way to create employee engagement. Share photos of team members who go above and beyond in the communities in which they live and work. Provide public recognition that reinforces your company values. Work to ensure your social media presence reflects your reputation as an employer of choice.

Utilizing social media for retention includes creating active and thriving online communities for employees to support one another. Consider creating a private Facebook group, in which ideas and solutions can be shared.

Using Social Media to Incentivize Progress

Tracking progress is possible through social media. Review your company’s posts to see which team members have been recognized more often. Those who have never been recognized may not be performing as well as others. Be sure to call out various teams and individual members equitably.

Gamification software can help with tracking. People are achievement-minded. If employees have a goal, they’re more likely to complete it when the competition feels like a game. A manufacturing employee, for example, may need to push through so many parts per hour. A cashier may need to checkout customers with zero errors. Gamification of these efforts – and real-time feedback – can provide an incentive for incremental progress.

Take advantage of the social media resources available today. Use social media to incentivize employees to become part of your company’s culture. Once team members understand that they are publicly valued and recognized for their efforts, you’ll find that becoming an employer of choice isn’t far behind.

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