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what does authenticity mean in business

What Does Authenticity Mean in Business?

There have been plenty of studies to show the positive psychological impact of authenticity as a business. Yet, what does it all mean? What are the benefits of creating an authentic culture for your employees? And finally, how do you master being authentic?

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millennial mindset

3 Tips to Successfully Embrace the “Millennial” Mindset

What are Millennials looking for in this stage of their careers? How can their needs be integrated with those of the next generation?

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how company culture affects turnover

How Company Culture Affects Employee Turnover

This has many leaders questioning how company culture affects turnover rates and what they can do to strengthen culture and boost employee retention. We’ll cover some of the most important pieces of company culture that your workplace should focus on to take control of employee turnover.

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Solutions FAQ’s ProjectHR Blog Let’s Talk Human Resources Blog The most comprehensive library of employee engagement topics available! How Much Does Custom Video Cost? How Can I Inspire New Hires? How Do We Create A Culture of Engagement? What’s The Best Way To Prevent Harassment? Help! I Need Some Quick Engagement Wins! How Can We Stay Union-Free? […]

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what's the best harassment prevention training

What’s the Best Harassment Prevention Training?

Knowing the best harassment prevention training for your company and your culture can be difficult. Here’s a no-holds-barred comparison of the top harassment prevention training programs, including everything you need to create a respectful workplace.

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Employee Communication Team | Projections, Inc.

Call us now: 877-448-9741WhatTRAININGWould It Take…TO BECOME AN EMPLOYER OF CHOICE?Custom-Produced Employee CommunicationVideoWebsiteseLearningLet’s talk about your company’s goals: Get Started Check Out Our Results5,841Employees TrainedHarassment Prevention Training27,681Leadership Lessons GivenOnline Leadership Development193 Videos​Streamed Over8000 Times In Our Clients’ Words… ED ADAMCZYKDirector of Personnel I showed our new employee orientation program for what seemed like the four hundredth […]

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Harassment Prevention Training from Projections, Inc.

New Harassment Prevention Training: What You Need to Know

Harassment prevention training is something that every organization must make a top priority. What works and should be included is changing rapidly. Here’s what you need to know in 2019.

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The Different Types of Harassment from Projections, Inc.

What Are The Different Types of Harassment?

How can you foster a workplace where employees feel safe and valued? You can start by making sure you’re aware of the most common types of harassment in the workplace so you can easily identify and eliminate this problem.

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Using Social Media To Incentivize Employees from Projections, Inc.

Using Social Media To Incentivize Employees

Social media is no longer just for making friends online. Use social media to incentivize employees after you recruit them!

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Motivate New Employees With These 6 Great Tips from Projections, Inc.

Motivate New Employees: Six Great Tips

Motivate new employees with these sexy great tips on how you can use video to improve the onboarding process. Short videos and easy access are just the start!

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