Best Practices in Employee Relations: Nestlé (Guest: Kristy Martin)

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Episode 2.02: This is the second in our “Best Practices in Employee Relations” series, where we interview executives at companies and brands you know and love, to find out how they handle this critical topic. On this episode of ProjectHR, we are joined by Kristy Martin, the Vice President of Labor & Employee Relations, Nestlé, and here, she explains:

  • Whether Employee Relations practices change in a global company;
  • The challenge of Labor Relations on a global scale;
  • How Employee Relations success can be measured; and
  • The value of the little things we do every day in engaging employees!
global employee relations best practices

Kristy Martin

 Employee Relations

Our goals drive the direction we take as a company, but it's who we bring along on our journey and how we travel there together that really leads to success."

global employee relations best practices

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