Employee Benefits Communication: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

EmOf course, employers know that they spend a lot of money on benefits. Your employees, however, don’t always know that about a third of their compensation comes in the form of benefits like paid leave, insurance, and retirement savings. This is why employee benefits communication is so important.

According to the most recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, benefits accounted for about 33% of employee compensation in June 2018. The specific percentage varies by industry, but none of the studied occupational groups had benefits that made up less than 31.4% of their compensation packages.

Your average employee just knows how much money he or she takes home on payday. For some employees, this situation can create the illusion that they aren’t receiving enough in return for their work.

Effective employee communication – through videos, dedicated websites, and eLearning – can keep them more informed about the role that benefits play in their total compensation. Before you can create a program that educates workers, though, you need to know how to approach the topic in the right way.

Online Videos Can Reveal the Unseen Side of Compensation Packages

Telling your employees that benefits make up a third of their compensation package doesn’t always get the point across. The numbers on their paychecks feel real. Your employee benefits however, can feel far less tangible, making their total compensation feel less impressive.

Online videos make it easier to reveal the unseen side of compensation packages by giving employees visual representations of their benefits and take home pay.

For example, your benefits communication video might help with employee benefits communication by showing someone picking boxes off of a shelf and putting them into a cart. The first box that the person picks up represents the pay that employees receive. Not surprisingly, it’s a pretty big box that takes up more than 60% of the cart.

As the shopper continues to add items to the cart, your employees see, for instance, that:

  • Paid leave takes up about 5% of the cart.
  • Insurance policies take up about 9% of the cart.
  • Retirement and savings take up about 6% of the cart.
  • Social Security, Medicare, worker’s compensation, and other required benefits take up nearly 10% of the cart.

When employees see these numbers represented as visual objects, they get a better sense of how much the unseen side of their compensation package is worth.

Technology for HR

Dedicated Websites Let Employees See The Benefits They’ve Received

Online videos can seem a bit impersonal when the content doesn’t focus on their specific compensation package. A website that handles employee benefits communication by offering an interactive calculator to demonstrate the dollar value of benefits that an individual employee has accumulated over the past month, quarter, or year, however, puts the benefits – and total compensation – into perspective.

When your employees can check the benefits that they get, it’s easier for them to feel that they have received something. Suddenly, the benefits don’t seem vague. They become concrete numbers that apply to each individual.

Interactive Online Training for Employee Benefits Communication

Some people learn best when they can interact with information. Watching a video doesn’t match their learning preferences, so even the most effective production could miss its objective.

Interactive eLearning gives employees an opportunity to learn about their benefits from direct experience. Following the example above, your online training could ask employees to choose boxes that they think represent the different benefits that they receive.

When workers choose answers that don’t accurately reflect the value of their compensation, your eLearning can correct the learner and provide the accurate answers. After completing tasks, the training can summarize by reviewing the information and asking employees to select the correct boxes. This approach reinforces learning so everyone ends the training session with accurate knowledge of their true total compensation package.

Looking for more ways to demonstrate value? Learn more on educating your employees about their benefits by contacting us at Projections. Our team crafts expert custom video, websites, and eLearning solutions that will help you connect with your workforce, create true engagement and build your employer brand.

About the Author Walter Orechwa

Walter is Projections’ CEO and the founder of UnionProof & A Better Leader. As the creator of Union Proof Certification, Walter provides expert advice, highly effective employee communication resources and ongoing learning opportunities for Human Resources and Labor Relations professionals.