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Recruitment Strategy: Matt Self

Episode 1.07: Take your recruitment efforts from ho-hum to oh-wow! Finding the perfect candidate may be more art than science, but this week on ProjectHR, Matt Self of Conklin Media talks with us about:

– What is recruitment marketing?
– The ways in which HR and marketing departments intersect
– The best way to market your company to prospective job candidates
– Walkthrough a typical recruitment marketing strategy

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Bias In The Workplace: Jason Greer

Episode 1.06: Jason Greer helps people “master their story”! With more than a decade of work in diversity and inclusion, labor and industrial relations, Jason has a unique perspective on the subject of bias.
This week on ProjectHR, Jason talks with us about:
· Implicit and explicit bias
· In-groups, out-groups, the “dopamine effect” and the “cortisol effect”
· The value of finding common ground
· The importance of being vulnerable

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Millenials In The Workplace: Chris Tuff

Today’s workplaces are multigenerational, and in this week’s episode, we seek to understand the much-maligned Millennial generation.

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Catching Up With The CUE Conference: Michael VanDervort

Michael VanDervort, the Executive Director of CUE, joins us to talk about the Cue Conference. We discuss conference history, details, and more!

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Company Culture: Siobhan McHale

On this episode, we talk with culture change expert Siobhan McHale, author of “The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change: Creating a Workplace That Delivers, Grows and Adapts”. Here, McHale demystifies culture transformation and helps leader navigate the path to positive change!

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Doug Buce

Business Innovation: Doug Buce

Learn about business innovation from the founder of Boing Dynamics, Doug Buce. Find out why innovation is critical in business, and how to encourage it.

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Employee Engagement & People Analytics: Fiona Jamison

Explore the role of people analytics with Dr. Fiona Jamison. Discover how the use of analytics improves employee engagement!

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