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what is imposter syndrome

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (Guest: Jen Coken)

On this episode of ProjectHR, international executive coach Jen Coken discusses how to identify and overcome imposter syndrome.

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ProjectHR Anniversary Celebration: A Round-Up Of Top HR Books We Loved this Year

There have been many authors with books we loved so much; we wanted to share! The following is a list of all the books mentioned on our ProjectHR podcast this last year.

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Intentional Integrity

Becoming Intentional About Corporate Integrity (Guest: Rob Chesnut)

On this episode of ProjectHR, former Airbnb Chief Ethics Officer & author Rob Chesnut explains how companies can become more intentional about integrity.

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The Science of Happiness or “The Happiness Advantage”

The premise of the “happiness advantage” is based on simple habits that you can implement (at no cost) to your workplace to have major positive resultsand change the way your employees think about their workplace and their lives.

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Can I Stop Tension-Filled Political Discussions in the Workplace?

At a management meeting, one of your leaders shares that she heard several of her employees having a political discussion about a candidate’s support for the Pro Act (H.R.2474 – Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2019). She shared that the discussion turned into a conversation about the company’s contract workers gaining the right to bargain […]

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Election Year Workplace Politics

Managing Election Year Politics in the Workplace (Guest: Abigail Johnson Hess)

On this episode of ProjectHR, Abigail Johnson Hess, a reporter with CNBC Make It talks about managing political discussions in the workplace.

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Toxic work culture

The Arsonist in the Office – Protect Your Culture From Toxic Behavior (Guest: Pete Havel)

On this episode of ProjectHR, Pete Havel explores toxic work environments and how to deal with toxic people at work.

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speaking up at work

Courageous Cultures: Empowering the Employee Voice (Guests: Karin Hurt and David Dye)

On this episode of ProjectHR, Karin Hurt & David Dye explain how to get employees to speak up in the workplace.

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What Type of Employee Engagement Surveys Are Most Effective Today?

You may wonder which type of employee engagement survey may be most effective in today’s climate. It’s a relatively simple question, but it doesn’t have the most straightforward answer. It’s not exactly easy to measure employee engagement, and it will depend on several factors, including your unique organization, the size of your company, and others. “Employee engagement” tends to be a buzzword among most HR professionals, and for a good reason.

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civility in the workplace

Creating a Culture Of Civility in the Workplace (Guest: Vanessa G. Nelson)

On this episode of ProjectHR, Vanessa G. Nelson will talk with us about the decline of civility in the workplace, and how to increase it.

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