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best new hire orientation ideas roundup

Best New Hire Orientation Ideas Roundup

We’re excited to put together the best in new hire orientation ideas! Thes ideas will help you start every employee in a way that creates engagement!

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The Millennial Whisperer: Chris Tuff

Episode 1.05: Baby Boomer? Gen X’er? Millennial? Today’s workplaces are multigenerational, and in this week’s episode, we seek to understand the much-maligned Millennial generation. Could their example help us build a better place to work? Chris Tuff, author of the national bestseller “The Millennial Whisperer”, is our guest, and will share his strategies and advice!

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Doug Buce

Sparking Innovation: Doug Buce

Inspire innovation with our fun-filled discussion with the founder and Chief Learning Officer of Boing Dynamics, Doug Buce. Find out why innovation is such a critical element of business, and how to encourage it within your workforce and within yourself!

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