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Connecting Remote Employees Tips for Leaders

Tips for Connecting Remote Employees

We’ll cover some of the most important tips for connecting with remote teams, keeping your remote employees engaged, and improving overall communication and workplace connection!

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ProjectHR Anniversary Celebration: A Round-Up Of Top HR Books We Loved this Year

There have been many authors with books we loved so much; we wanted to share! The following is a list of all the books mentioned on our ProjectHR podcast this last year.

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Creating a Culture of Innovation

“Eat, Sleep, Innovate” – Creating a Culture of Innovation (Guest: Natalie Painchaud)

On this episode of ProjectHR, author Natalie Painchaud explains how to encourage the growth of a culture of innovation in your workplace!

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skills gap

Overcome Knowledge Gaps By Becoming “Unstuck” (Guest: Craig Lemasters)

On this episode of ProjectHR, author Craig Lemasters discusses the benefit of seeking wisdom from others when starting new ventures.

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Toxic work culture

The Arsonist in the Office – Protect Your Culture From Toxic Behavior (Guest: Pete Havel)

On this episode of ProjectHR, Pete Havel explores toxic work environments and how to deal with toxic people at work.

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benefits of maintaining an open-door policy

The Benefits of Maintaining an Open-Door Policy

There are many benefits to maintaining an open-door policy, but it’s not as simple as telling your employees the door is open. The door needs to swing in both directions! Unfortunately, we’ve seen many companies perpetuate an open-door policy that still end up succumbing to union organizing efforts. It mustn’t be simply a policy, but a real thing. Leaders need to invite interaction, proactively ask employees what their thoughts are, and build a deep level of employee trust that solicits feedback and addresses any potential concerns.

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Leading Through Difficult Times

Situational Awareness: Leading in an Uncertain World (Guest: Brandon Williams)

On this episode of ProjectHR, Brandon Williams explains how situational awareness can help leaders take charge of their teams.

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civility in the workplace

Creating a Culture Of Civility in the Workplace (Guest: Vanessa G. Nelson)

On this episode of ProjectHR, Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg will talk with us about how to improve problem solving skills by reframing problems.

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Change Leadership

Leading Organizational Change Post COVID-19 (Guest: Dr. Mark Rogers)

On this episode of ProjectHR, Dr. Mark Rogers will talk with us about change, and change leadership in your organization.

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Emotional Intelligence Podcast with Sarah Scala

Emotional Intelligence: Soft Skill or Critical Competency? Sarah Scala

Workplace wellness efforts can improve employee productivity, increase morale, lower employee stress, lower absenteeism, increase retention, and they might even ultimately reduce healthcare costs for employers. The trick has been implementing effective, long-term wellness strategies that work for both the organizations and their individual employees. On this episode of ProjectHR, our guest is Dr. Bradford Cooper, the CEO of US Corporate Wellness, and he knows how to make workplace wellness stick. He’ll be telling us all about:

– The importance of autonomy;

– The challenges that face employer wellness programs;

– What makes wellness efforts successful; and

– Why employers should strive to create a culture of wellness!

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