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Increase Employee Engagement

Increase Employee Engagement With These 3 Easy Tips

We’ve got some quick, actionable tips for improving employee engagement that are by no means a cure-all, but still an excellent starting place! (Read through to the end for some ideas on taking your employee engagement efforts to the next level.)

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The Power of Dialogue: Effective Communication in the Workplace: Dr. Ada Luz Gonzalez

Positive, two-way communication is a must for any workplace hoping to create or maintain a progressive and productive work culture – but have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly it is that we mean when we say “communication”? Our guest this week on ProjectHR certainly has! In this episode, we;’re joined by Dr. Ada Luz Gonzalez, the owner of Transformative Conversations, a consultancy committed to helping organizations facilitate change, development and growth through dialogue — and she’ll be talking with us about:

– The differences between communication, conversation, discussion and dialogue;
– Why dialogue provides meaning and diversity of thought;
– The cost of poor communication; and
– How you can design a dialogue that can lead to transformative change!

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COVID-19 communication with employees

COVID-19 Communication with Employees + Five Essential Employee Emails to Send Now

Unfortunately, no one has the handbook for communicating with employees during the COVID-19 Pandemic, but what follows is a suggested approach, as well as some sample texts that can help you convey the right message at the right time.

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Jennifer Orechwa Employee Communication

Employee Communication During A Crisis: Jennifer Orechwa

Talking with employees about COVID-19 is a challenge for many companies right now. Employee communication during a crisis presents unique challenges that require specific solutions. This week on ProjectHR, Jennifer Orechwa discusses strategies, including the language, tone and delivery of your employee-facing communications.

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Inspire New Hires from Projections, Inc.

Inspire New Hires! How To Create A Stellar Orientation Video

Inspire new hires and create a stellar orientation video where every employee is provided with a consistent welcome message that emphasizes the importance of every role at the company.

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Custom video - how much does it cost? From Projections, Inc.

How Much Does Custom Video Cost?

It takes a certain amount of courage to undertake the creation of a custom video production for your company. That courage often comes from the realization that powerful and unique employee communications can be one of the most important tasks you complete this year. Eventually, because everyone has a budget, new clients ask “how much […]

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Improve Employee Engagement With These 5 Types of Videos

Videos are among the most effective communication tools in existence to improve employee engagement. They grab and hold people’s attention, and they’re often very memorable. Even videos with weak production values can have high entertainment and engagement value. It’s no wonder that so many companies use videos to train staff members and share information. And […]

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5 Ways You Can Drive a Culture of Engagement

A Culture of Engagement: 5 Ways the Best Employers Create an Engaged Workforce

Concerning results from Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report suggest that just 13 percent of global employees are fully engaged with their jobs. Additional research from Gallup indicates that absense of a culture of engagement costs the United States an annual $550 billion in lost productivity. The good news? It’s possible to develop a […]

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5 Great Ideas for your Employee Onboarding Video

What makes an outstanding employee onboarding video? Of course, the content is vital – you want to make sure your new hires get inspired and confirm that their decision to come on board was a great one. But what makes your orientation video really memorable and impactful? Is it a great customer testimonial? A strong […]

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Twitter for HR

To Tweet or Not To Tweet: Twitter for HR Pros

Twitter for HR. Seems like something we should have already conquered, but the truth is, knowing exactly which 280 characters will attract the best talent to our organizations is a tall order. Today’s job seeker can afford to be highly selective. Those with exceptional skills are often looking for a new position while continuing in […]

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