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HR, PR and the Company Experience: Nick Kalm

Until very recently, HR and PR operated as stand-alone entities — but the rise of technology has meant that relationship is now evolving, growing, and intersecting in ways that genuinely compliment and assist one another. Our guest for this week’s ProjectHR is Nick Kalm, Founder, President, and CEO of Reputation Partners, LLC. and he’ll be telling us all about:

– How both teams benefit from working in concert;
– The importance of the company experience;
– The role of storytelling in both HR and PR; and
– How joining forces can dramatically impact recruitment efforts.

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employee communication and digital marketing

Shouting into the Void: Employee Communication and Digital Marketing

There are 287 million internet users in the United States. It’s safe to say, then, that most people, if not everyone, in your organization use the internet on a regular basis. As your employees spend more of their time online, you have more opportunities for engagement. Now you can use the same techniques digital marketers use […]

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Why Great Social Media Video is Gold for Your Employees

Social media is no longer optional if you want to engage your employees and build your employer brand. Mobile devices are a primary source of information and communication for most Americans, and platforms like Facebook and Twitter are central to the mobile lifestyle. In short, if you aren’t on social media and you don’t have […]

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3 Shortcuts Every HR Department Should Avoid

Don’t Sabotage Your Engagement by Ignoring Other Areas Your HR department is vital to building the best company possible. It ensures that your employees are at their best and receive the support they need. While there are so many things that your HR department has to do that it might be tempting to take a […]

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Creating A Positive Brand

Call it your brand, call it your image, but no matter what you call it, it’s key to your company’s success: that personality and culture that is uniquely your company’s, that thing that your employees, shareholders, and the public perceive to be the true nature of your company. Your brand is your company’s public face – and if you neglect […]

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