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Designing A Competitive Employee Benefits Plan (Guest: Jennifer Perera)

On this episode of ProjectHR, Jennifer Perera discusses the how and why behind designing a competitive employee benefits plan. Discover today’s must-have company benefits plans, and learn how you can get creative with healthcare costs!

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Workplace Wellbeing and Creating a Culture of Wellness by Dr. Bradford Cooper

Workplace wellness efforts can improve employee productivity, increase morale, lower employee stress, lower absenteeism, increase retention, and they might even ultimately reduce healthcare costs for employers. The trick has been implementing effective, long-term wellness strategies that work for both the organizations and their individual employees. On this episode of ProjectHR, our guest is Dr. Bradford Cooper, the CEO of US Corporate Wellness, and he knows how to make workplace wellness stick. He’ll be telling us all about:

– The importance of autonomy;

– The challenges that face employer wellness programs;

– What makes wellness efforts successful; and

– Why employers should strive to create a culture of wellness!

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Helping Employees Navigate Toxic Workplace Experiences: Jana Morrin

Toxic workplaces are on the rise, and today, for the sake of their people and their bottom line, organizations must address and take action against this kind of behavior. This week on ProjectHR, Jana Morrin, CEO and Co-founder of Speakfully, a platform that helps employees discreetly navigate through toxic workplaces, talks about the need to support employees who experience mistreatment at work. We’ll discuss:

– The impact of toxic workplaces;
– What companies should be doing to help employees;
– How data and analytics can help companies become more proactive against toxicity; and
– The Speakfully process.

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HR in 2020 – Andrea Hoffer

Episode 1.09: ​​2020 is off and running​ – what will the new year have in store for Human Resources? ​​​​ This week on ProjectHR, ​Andrea Hoffer, CEO and Founder of AHA! Business Consulting, talks 2020 takes on the following HR topics:

​- Artificial Intelligence
– ​Skillgaps
​- Remote Work
​- Employee Wellness Programs, and more!

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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Communication: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

EmOf course, employers know that they spend a lot of money on benefits. Your employees, however, don’t always know that about a third of their compensation comes in the form of benefits like paid leave, insurance, and retirement savings. This is why employee benefits communication is so important. According to the most recent report from the […]

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11 Positive Employee Relations Strategies that Haven’t Jumped the Shark

Companies are realizing the critical connection between employee engagement and factors like retention rates, productivity and profits. As employees seek out work-life balance, many major companies are making unconventional cultural changes. Smaller business owners might feel constricted in their ability to keep up and offer competitive, quirky employee benefits; however, there are ways to transform […]

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5 Benefits You Need to Offer to Recruit Millennials

  By 2020, millennials will make up 46 percent of the workplace. And even though they have more student-loan debt on average than any other generation by far, they’re motivated much more by non-monetary and intangible work benefits. Consider adding these benefits to your roster to improve your millennial recruitment efforts. 1. The Benefit of […]

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3 Things You Need to Consider Before You Adopt an Unlimited PTO Policy

While fewer than 1 percent of employers currently offer unlimited paid time off (PTO), many companies are considering the flexibility and freedom that come with untracked policies. How do you know if adopting an unlimited vacation policy is right for your company? If you want your new policy to last longer than a few days, […]

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STOP! You’ve Been Communicating About Your Benefits All Wrong!

According to a recent study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an employer benefits package accounts for 30 percent of an employee’s total compensation for the year; communicating the intricacies and components of that package is both incredibly important and mind-numbingly complicated. Every year, while your employees try to get their work done, you […]

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3 Shortcuts Every HR Department Should Avoid

Don’t Sabotage Your Engagement by Ignoring Other Areas Your HR department is vital to building the best company possible. It ensures that your employees are at their best and receive the support they need. While there are so many things that your HR department has to do that it might be tempting to take a […]

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