Boosting Your Employer Brand Through Social Media: 4 Great Tips

How do companies get a reputation for being a great place to work? In the past, it was all word of mouth. Employees would share stories with their friends, and your company slowly would build a reputation — hopefully, a positive one. Word of mouth is still the most prominent way to boost your employer brand, but it isn’t the only way. These days, it’s possible to manage your own brand as an employer, and social media can be the driving force behind it. But how does a company leverage social media to demonstrate that it’s an attractive place to work?

At Projections, Inc., we specialize in helping organizations to develop positive employee relations strategies, solve employee engagement challenges, and have been producing labor and employee communications since 1979. Since then, we are honored to have won over 75 awards for excellence in our clients’ employee communication, for our work in video, websites, interactive eLearning, and even custom music and print.We’ve previously shared some tips for increasing your employer brand, along with how to specifically improve your branding to impact your recruiting strategy. Today, we’ll cover four tips for increasing and impacting your employer branding through social media.

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1. Build Engagement By Offering Great Content

If you have an account that just posts details of vacancies, you will only attract job-seekers. Of course, that’s important – especially if you are focusing on recruiting and need to hire top talent. But if that’s not the main area in which your organization needs to direct its attention, you need to expand your focus beyond just job postings. If you post content that’s interesting, informative and entertaining, you will attract everybody. This is the real aim of employer branding: to build a positive reputation on a large scale and to passively recruit people who may not be actively seeking a job. Video is an excellent way to catch the attention of passersby on social media, as are catchy viral articles. If you create something great, people will share it, increasing your reach by orders of magnitude.

Furthermore, be intentional about your social media presence — what do your ideal employees find valuable? Speak to them. This is a large part of branding through social media. If you’re a company that sells, for example, fitness clothing, your potential job candidates are probably interested in content surrounding health and fitness. Sharing relevant content that speaks to things like healthy eating, meal planning, staying active with a busy schedule, etc. If your company sells baby products, however, your audience and the content you want to share will be different than that mentioned previously. Speak to your ideal employees. (Bonus: this also speaks to your ideal customers. Win-win.)

2. Include Your Employees

Who knows more about your values as an employer than the people who work for you? They can provide you with stories, anecdotes, photos, cases studies and details of the social side of working life in your organization. They can help you give your company a personality, which is a key element of all branding. Talk to your people about your social media plans and see how they can help.

In addition, your employees can post their experiences on forums such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor, where other job candidates can get a real picture as to what it looks like to work for your company. Not only does this have a positive impact on your recruitment strategy, it encourages employees to get involved with social media in a way that can positively impact your company. Let’s be clear: these forums allow anonymous submissions, and encourages employees to be honest about things like income and management. So long as your team members feel heard, respected, and are having a positive employee experience, this will have a positive impact.

3. Celebrate Your Values

Social media places a huge emphasis on authenticity. To build successful employer branding through social media, you have to talk honestly about who you are, where you’re going and how you intend to get there. Most of all, you need to talk about the values at the core of your company. Never try to advertise yourself as something you’re not. Instead, be proud of what your company stands for and let the world know about it.

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Your company actually has the power to establish the culture the way you want, and so that your core values are aligned with your company goals, and the employees you hire are active participants in that culture.

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4. Have Real Conversations With People

Social media is not a broadcast. It is two-way conversation. Everything you post is an opportunity to start a dialogue, which shows that you are responsive, dynamic and approachable. It’s also important on a one-to-one level in terms of passive recruitment, as even minor conversations can help to form a relationship that may lead to that person applying for a job.

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Stay in Control of Branding

It can take time and effort to build effective employer branding through social media, but can you afford to leave it to word of mouth? If you could use some assistance with your employer branding strategy, need help solving your recruitment or retention challenges, or simply need digital communication tools to connect with your employees. anytime, anywhere, Projections can help! We look forward to supporting your goals. Connect with us, here.

About the Author Walter Orechwa

Walter is IRI's Director of Digital Solutions and founder of UnionProof & A Better Leader. As the creator of Union Proof Certification, Walter provides expert advice, highly effective employee communication resources and ongoing learning opportunities for Human Resources and Labor Relations professionals.