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HR's Role In Controlling Harassment from Projections, Inc.

HR’s Role In Controlling Sexual Harassment

The #MeToo campaign  brought the problem of harassment to the forefront of public awareness, and that has left many people wondering: what is HR’s role in controlling  harassment? The real problem is preventing harassment when society itself is made up of so many different personalities and beliefs. Amid a sea of policies, many employees don’t […]

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An Ounce of Prevention: The Comprehensive HR Audit

An internal HR audit has the same goal as any other audit: to scrutinize business operations to ensure best practices are in place and consistently applied. Of course, an HR audit is exclusively focused on HR practices, offering an opportunity to identify deficiencies in employment policies and their application, employment-related documentation, and compliance with relevant […]

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Conducting an HR Audit

Creating a More Engaged Workforce With Improved Policies

Creating a highly engaged workforce has become a vital aspect of business success. Statistically, employee engagement has been poor in the last few years. According to recent data from Gallup, nearly 70 percent of the American workforce is disengaged; around the world it’s worse, with only 15 percent of workers engaged. When employee engagement is […]

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This One Thing Will Help You Connect With Employees

Video is easily the preferred medium for consuming information, and is rapidly outdistancing other options for ease and versatility. Recent data shows that video is expected to be responsible for 82 percent of online traffic by 2021. So, if you’re not already incorporating video in your internal communications, you may be missing out on an […]

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Never Mind the Alarmists: AI Isn’t the Workplace Apocalypse

Contrary to popular belief, artificial intelligence, or AI, is no longer relegated to science fiction novels and “think pieces” on future innovations. In reality, AI has already arrived and is much more pervasive than most people realize. For HR professionals, the technology is already providing dividends in the areas of recruiting, onboarding, and training procedures […]

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A Unique Employee Engagement Strategy That’s Actually Working

Working to create motivated, engaged employees is a full-time job. That’s why a static approach to onboarding no longer works. You need real interaction, but as the number of team members grows, it’s often hard to individualize not only your new hires, but your existing employees as well. Consider a unique approach to employee engagement […]

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5 Ways A New-Hire Orientation Video Can Improve Retention

When you bring new people into your organization, your goal should be to engage and retain that talent long-term. Assuring your newest team members that they have made the right decision by joining your company is achievable from day one with a new hire orientation video. We’ve found that there are five key advantages to […]

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How HR is Leading the Charge Into the Brave New World of Corporate Tech

AI Evolves From Sci-Fi Fever Dream to HR’s Best Friend While typically the fodder of science fiction blockbusters, AI has evolved into an extremely functional and dependable component to every HR department that has chosen to wade into the AI waters. With a versatility that enhances many facets of recruiting, especially when integrated into existing […]

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Recruitment Pros: There’s a 33% Chance Your HR Team Thinks You’re Failing

If you’ve ever felt your talent is suffering because of your recruiting and onboarding processes, you are far from alone. A recent study revealed that 33 percent of HR teams believe their organization is “not competitive in the battle for talent” because of recruitment failures. The U.S. unemployment rate is hovering at low levels, recently […]

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How Virtual Reality Will Change Human Resources

Most peoples’ experience or knowledge of augmented and virtual reality involves entertainment – for example, the Pok√©mon GO augmented reality app and the uber popular Epcot attraction Soarin’, which takes “riders” on a realistic virtual journey around the world. Virtual reality (VR) has obvious entertainment value. And, as forward-thinking companies are discovering, it also has […]

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