Leadership Training Review: A Better Leader vs. LinkedIn Learning

Online leadership training is in high demand, and no wonder – competition for the best talent has become more and more fierce in recent years, meaning companies need excellent leadership to hang on to the best employees. This is both good and bad, as training managers are left with an overwhelming number of training choices and no clear way to know what’s best for their unique leadership team. If you’re looking for a leadership training review, we’ve got you. With so many providers, everyone seems to be waiting to see where the best leadership training will come from – and with good reason, because the right online leadership training can change the entire culture of an organization if used properly. I’ve certainly seen the right leadership skills change the culture and engagement levels of many clients. This being said, the debate and questions surrounding these solutions is constant.

This leadership training review focuses on two online leadership training platforms that can help you boost your employee engagement, A Better Leader and LinkedIn Learning, are both similar and at the same time very different. Indeed, an age in which job markets are more competitive than ever, leadership platforms such as these can help leaders change the course of their company’s future. Nevertheless, although both learning platforms are focused on professional development, they each go about it in vastly different ways. Are you trying to decide which platform is “best” for your company’s leaders? That determination is relative, but the following is a closer look at how these two leadership training platforms measure up to one another.

1. Company Background

LinkedIn is a social site for business that makes it easier for individual professionals to do things such as share useful information and find the resources needed to take their careers to the next level. Essentially a professional version of social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn allows users to seek jobs, find potential employees, network, apply for jobs, and create a foundation for their professional life. Unlike other social platforms, the sole purpose of LinkedIn is to help people connect on a professional level. For this leadership training review, we’re going to focus on LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn got a boost after purchasing Lynda.com, an online learning company, back in 2015, to the tune of $1.5 billion. Lynda.com was founded in 1995 and allowed individual learners to acquire skills in everything from creative fields, to software, business, technology, and more, by watching videos. Today, LinkedIn Learning offers these videos to individuals, corporations, and educational institutions. Offering thousands of courses, the site covers everything from audio and music production to IT services.

A Better Leader, created in 2013, is an online leadership training platform that was created by Projections, a team of innovative experts in employee communication that have been guiding companies to increased engagement since 1979. Utilizing video, websites, and eLearning, the Projections team helps companies connect with their employees more effectively.


2. Leadership Training Review: Platform Functionality

LinkedIn Learning offers a vast array of tips and training materials on everything from Excel to data security and more. A variety of leadership skills courses are also available to learners. LinkedIn Learning leadership courses are general in nature and cover topics such as “Leading without formal authority” and “Leadership foundations.” Academic leadership topics include things for new leaders, including “Stepping up to leadership,” “Managing for Results,” and many others.

A Better Leader offers a way for companies to affect behavioral change at the cultural level. Helping companies to focus their entire leader team on one topic that is new, actionable and instantly relevant each month, A Better Leader literally helps companies to propel their leadership team forward.

A Better Leader’s lessons are broken down into 4 focus areas, helping leaders support and motivate their teams, connect with their people and improve everyone’s skills. Course topics include “Managing Change,” “Coaching,” “Delegating,” “Prioritizing,” and a deep dive into other highly relevant leadership topics.

Create Better Leaders Who Engage and Inspire

Full compliance reporting within the A Better Leader administrative dashboard provides trainers with meaningful reports which can be used to assess the goals and progress of each leader. A Better Leader offers robust custom reporting that allows the training manager to easily see which leaders are learning and at what pace.


Consistency is key with leadership teams, especially when you’re working to create a culture of engagement. That’s why A Better Leader archives and provides access to all training so that new leaders can review what others have learned.

3. Review of The Ease of Administration forLeadership Development Managers

LinkedIn Learning provides training managers the ability to assign individual courses to learners, but the process can become overwhelming and time-consuming with such a wide variety of courses available to every leader. Each learner will see the new courses they’ve been assigned in their individual LinkedIn Learning interfaces as they are assigned by the leadership training manager.

A Better Leader makes the Leadership Training Manager’s job easy. Training pros choose monthly topics from A Better Leader’s library of over 3 years’ worth of actionable insight, and can set the schedule up to 6 months in advance. In other words, A Better Leader provides learning professionals with the resources to deploy and really delve into powerful topics, with video, interactive quizzes, downloadable infographics, “dig a little deeper” video segments and more.

Training Managers then receive a reminder email in advance of the new training, with talking points to introduce that month’s topic to their leadership team, making the process simple and easy. Many companies use their monthly topic as a theme, making sure to discuss “Implicit Bias,” “Performance Reviews” or “Conflict Resolution,” even beyond merely offering the lesson.

4. Leadership Training Review: Costs, Pricing and Packages

LinkedIn Learning offers a huge variety of courses (over 13,000) for $24.99 a month per learner, per learner. That means if you have 10 leaders to train, you’ll spend $249 a month or $2998 a year. If you’re an individual looking to add marketable skills to your resume, LinkedIn Learning is a fantastic choice, as you can choose from a huge variety of courses. But if your organization is looking to train leaders and improve engagement and company culture, LinkedIn Learning may be too diverse and lack focus for your needs.

A Better Leader offers a flat rate for enterprise-wide training, rather than charging per individual learner. With A Better Leader, $450 a month (or $5,400 a year) for the entire organization provides robust and consistent online leadership training. This means trainers can add leaders as needed, with no additional costs or surprises. Plus, you can try the platform out for 30 days at no cost to see its value to your organization.

Which online leadership training is best for your company? Read it now.

Which Online Leadership Training Is Best For Your Company?

So the question you may still be asking is, “Which is best?”

As I said at the beginning of this post, the phrase “best,” at least when it comes to online leadership training, is extremely relative. This is exactly why you must first develop your wishlist of features, components, and requirements– and then choose the tool that best fits these needs. By doing so, you’re much more likely to get the greatest bang for your buck, and embrace an online leadership training platform that is most effective for your company.

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Your Turn:

Questions? Comments? Have you ever used either of these online leadership training platforms? What was your experience like? Jump in folks, your voice matters!

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