Leadership Training: Is In-Person Or Online Best?

Leadership training is crucial to improving the growth of your company. Managers and leaders of your organizations hold a valuable position that can motivate your workers and enhance productivity. But knowing the best way to deliver this crucial training is just as important. The first choice any company needs to make is whether to choose in-person or online training.

Both online and in-person delivery can have unique benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to explore the various aspects each leadership training delivery method brings. This will help to determine which training is an ideal fit for creating ideal leaders for your organization. Here are some important factors to consider when deciding which type is best for your company.

Benefits of In-Person Training

Social interaction is an element that sets humans apart from other creatures and animals. Thus, social interaction may be a clue as to why in-person training offers a wide variety of benefits. One study indicates that in-person training resulted in positive outcomes of job satisfaction by employees.

Online Leadership Training from A Better Leader

Another study shares that increased social interaction improved the learning outcomes of massive open online courses (MOOCs), which corporations often to use to help supplement training. With in-person training, your employees get to experience understanding and learning from their instructors immediately, too.

Benefits of Online Leadership Training

Online training has a variety of unique benefits. It often saves time and is cost-efficient for businesses thanks to its ability to scale. You can use online training like A Better Leader to deliver consistent content to a large group of managers at once. Additionally, online training provides flexibility with access to training at various times of the day and from different devices.

As many as 96 percent of Americans have access to a mobile phone. Your company can take advantage of that and extend accessibility of its leadership training program to devices your employees already have. Studies have shown that training delivered via the internet may even boost productivity. In fact, that same study showed that mobile app access led to a 34-percent increase in productivity!

Drawbacks of Online Leadership Training

Online training offers a great number of benefits. However, it can also have drawbacks, such as lower retention rates, that can diminish the effectiveness of the program. An Internet Interventions study revealed that while delivering an online leadership training for mental health provided similar results in increased confidence in managers who took the course compared to in-person training, this only held true if participants completed the online training.

Four Things Your Leaders Must Have from A Better Leader

Those in charge of online leadership training must be excellent communicators and impress upon managers the need to complete the training. Moreover, if you decide to do it yourself, instead of purchasing online leadership training services, you may also spend a considerable amount of time on setting up the program.

Drawbacks of In-Person Training

In-person training presents a few drawbacks as well. It’s important to touch on the burden of the trainer. Corporate trainers have several tasks to complete to conduct or even hire in-person training, including practicing presentations and ensuring learners have all the supplementary materials they need. Preparing leadership training consistently may also be more call for more labor.

Final Thoughts

Both in-person and online leadership training have advantages and disadvantages. But deciding which one is right for your company is a choice to be based on your company’s culture and leadership development needs. That’s why it’s critical to gain the knowledge you need to make your decision based on your organization’s needs. By focusing on your leadership training goals, you can find the ideal training approach for your culture, leadership and company.

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