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Lead with Transparency and Empathy

The best leaders are those who are somewhat of a chameleon and can lead with transparency and empathy. They are capable of adapting their leadership style. They are skilled at choosing the right tools to fit the environment and personalities of any given situation best. A leader may want to be highly task-focused and provide […]

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10 Top Trends Shaping Leadership Training and Development

trends shaping leadership training

A lot is happening in the leadership development and employee training arena, driven by technology, the increased size of the remote worker population, new generations of workers, and advances in brain science. The trends shaping leadership training continue to change, as most senior executives recognize the importance of developing leadership talent. However, their leadership development efforts often aren’t connected to their business strategies. This disconnect prevents organizations from identifying and enacting wise strategies. A custom leadership development strategy is needed to unleash the potential of individuals and groups throughout the organization if they are to achieve success.

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What Is Authentic Leadership?

What Is Authentic Leadership

Table Of Contents 1Authentic Leadership Theory2Characteristics of Authentic Leadership2.1Values2.2Emotional Honesty2.3Long-Term Focus2.4Leading by Example3Create Authentic Leadership at Your Organization Building better leaders across hundreds of companies is naturally a distributed process, creating surprising insights into what organizations believe is effective leadership versus what actually works. Authentic leadership is about more than “being yourself.” It’s about forgetting […]

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