4 Tips for an Employee Orientation that will Keep Your Company Union-Free

If you are a business owner interested in maintaining your direct connection with employees, you should begin every new hire’s employment with a consistent union-free orientation video. New employee orientations can be a meaningful, educational and effective approach to ensuring staff are well-informed and productive from Day One. Plus, the right message, delivered during new employee onboarding can help your company remain union-free. To get the most from your newest, most receptive minds, you should set specific goals for your onboarding and orientation program.

Union-Free Onboarding: Distribute Company Materials

Begin by distributing handbooks or other company materials that outline the operating philosophy for your company, but don’t expect new hires to absorb it all. The handbook should include a union position statement, outlining the Company’s union-free operating philosophy. Explain the benefits of a workplace that is union-free, so your new employees understand the reasons behind it. Don’t expect new hires to immediately understand and embrace this way of thinking – it may be new to them! But help them understand how it serves every employee, and let them know that they can expect to grow from the way the Company operates. Providing new hires with a handbook allows them to go back and reference the information you’ve talked about later, and it ensures they receive a clear, concise explanation.

Union-Free Orientation: Emphasize an Open-Door Policy

Introduce your company’s open-door policy in your union-free orientation video, and communicate with new employees that they can always come to management with any ideas, worries or concerns. Introducing the idea of an open-door policy at orientation ensures new hires are aware of the company’s caring, welcoming nature from the get-go; it also lets them know they have a resource available, should they have new ideas or feel they need support or guidance. Providing consistency of this message in your union-free orientation video is a great first step.

Dignity & Respect For Individual Needs

A key part of remaining union-free is ensuring every employee knows that their individual and unique talents are valued. To ensure your employees stay happy, talk to them during their union-free orientation about expressing their individuality and maintaining their own voice. They should enter into their new position with the understanding their opinions and beliefs are valued and heard. Team members should also know each individual person is an important member of the business, and understand that third party intervention is unnecessary when everyone feels valued.

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Union-free Orientation: Communicate Clearly

From the first day on the job, team members should have a good idea of your company’s culture and values. Communicate these clearly in your union-free orientation, and speak in a way that reflects the day-to-day tone and vibe of your company. Getting everyone on the same page ensures employees will be satisfied with the work conditions and environment, and it will avoid surprises as new issues crop up along the way.

Communicating your union-free philosophy in a respectful and straight-forward manner can begin on day one of employment, with a consistent (and affordable) video message. Make sure your message is relatable, with a messenger that employees can identify with. Have a mostly Spanish-speaking workforce? Delivering your union-free philosophy in their first language sends a message that you value your employees’ unique contribution to the company. Consider creating a customized orientation video, which can be even more powerful, and will help you build your union proof culture for years to come.

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