Stop Harassment 

Online Training that educates your employees, protects your 
company and minimizes the risk of harassment claims.

What Makes "Harassment in the Workplace" So Different?

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    The Learner Experience - Interactive eLearning allows advancement once your employees & leaders know the material.
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    Compliance Reporting - Get data on every employee as they master the material.
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    Customizable Platform - Add company materials, links to your reporting chanels and more! 

What's My Investment?
How much is poor harassment training (or worse, no training) damaging your employer brand? How many complaints are simmering beneath the surface? What would a single harassment claim cost the company - in money, in time, and in trust? A lack of training may already be costing you a great deal. 

For just $100 a month, gain the peace of mind of having every employee and every leader properly educated on harassment.



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